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R Run by three young Indonesian entrepreneurs helmed by Ben Karmadi in operational and business development, Herlia Adisasmita in marketing and communications and Theo Poa in Accounting and Finance, this sister restaurant of Habitat Ubud were located precisely in front of Ubud’s spacious central parking, a walk away from Monkey Forest’s main gate. It has easy access whether you bring a car, motorbike or even walking. Nikkei Restaurant Ubud is housed in a humble and relaxing space built with bamboo and terracotta, also great décor to give everyone a nice dining ambience. Countless hours were spent to ensure every aspect of the restaurant and experience is top notch, incorporating Ubud’s cultural element and modern touch. The indoor and outdoor seating makes a comfortable space for hanging out with friends.

The menu itself features wide variety of food to give your taste buds the best of both worlds like our signature dish Balinese Sushi Yakitori, skewered sushi with tempura, chicken fillet, Balinese sambal matah and Peruvian tomato sauce; Lomo Saltado, Peruvian stir-fry beef tenderloin with dark Kyoto sake sauce, onion, baby potatoes, capcium and edamame; Seafood Ceviche, along heartier options like Arancini style Japanese rice balls filled with mince octopus and tuna mayo with chimichurri sauce. Sushi is also on the list, like the crowd’s favorite King Prawn Sushi made with fresh Eastern Bali king prawn. Moving on to the cocktail selections, all of it were ingeniously made to be the ideal pairing for every meal, to enhance your dining experience. A refreshing glass of Philosophy, which mixes gin, Asian basil and lime juice, will surely leave everyone coming back for more after one sip. There are also other selections for those who don’t like boozy kick on their drinks, like the refreshing Lemonades.

Being one of the few restaurants in the area that open until late at night, Nikkei Restaurant Ubud is the perfect stop for a night out with friends. If you prefer to have great food and delicious cocktails at a humble, relaxing small restaurant, it is definitely for you.